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Hardsports London Escorts

Hardsports is one of the rarer services that Escorts offer but we are always doing our best here at Sexy Asian Escorts to find Hardsports Escorts in London.  Please note that our Hardsports Escorts will only ever give this service and will not receive.

Because hardsports involves our girls giving faeces Hardsports is performed in a bath or over protective disposable sheeting if this is available.  The correct technical name for Hardsports is Coprophilia.  This service is strictly provided by Fetish Escorts only that specialise in the SM community. A study of 164 male sadomasochists from Finland from two sadomasochism clubs found that 18.2% had engaged in coprophilia

Please note that there is an extra charge from our girls for performing this service.  If you do require Hardsports it is advisable to book well in advance so we can insure that our girls are capable of providing the service after a good meal (We are sure that you understand how this works)

Seeing Hardsports Escorts in London

You may also wish to combine Hardsports with Watersports and of course this is always possible as nearly all Hardsports Escorts also cover Watersports as well.  Again extra charges apply in addition to the hourly rates that you will find on the Sexy Asian Escorts website.

To book Hardsports London Escorts then please call our receptionists.  Do not worry or be shy to ask for this service we are a very understanding crowd here and always aim to cater to all of your fetish needs.  But please make sure you give the advance booking noticed needed and understand that there is a £50 extra charge for this service.

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Maxim, Victoria, Oriental Escort

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Review by Richard on 17/05/2016 (1hr Incall) for Maxim

Top floor. Comfortable

Amazing. Just gorgeous

Such a lovely time with a fit, young, beautiful and enthusiastic girl. Wow

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Kellie, Victoria, Thai Escort

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Review by Richard on 22/05/2016 (2hrs Incall) for Kellie

Pleasant flat on top floor.

Lovely. Much nicer and more toned than her photos. Slim, fit, tall, fabulous body and attitude

Wore a very cute schoolgirl outfit with white stockings as requested. Great attitude and very willing. Saw Maxim last week - now THAT would be the ultimate threesome

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Victoria, Regents Park, Malaysian Escort

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Review by Dan on 26/05/2016 (1hr Incall) for Victoria

A nice building block discretely situated away from the hustle and bustle of central London. A self contained flat and relatively spotless albeit small, however the floor to ceiling mirrors more than compensate for the lack of space.

Victoria looks amazing, minimal makeup, her natural beauty can only be appreciated in person. Her body in my eyes is perfect, with the right curves in the right places, unblemished and smooth silky skin. I've been holding out for right girl for some time and I took a gamble on Victoria when I saw her and it paid off.

It was 12:30 - I knocked on the door and as it opened I was immediately captivated by her beauty, stunned for a second before I stepped through the door. Her smile was infectious and I smiled incessantly, I asked why she was smiling and she replied because of my smile. We could be here all day and none of us would've complained.

We slowly closed off the distance between each other and began caressing her neck slowly as she embraced her arms around my neck and undressing me. Unexpectedly Victoria leant towards me and offered me her soft lips, and as natural as it seemed we fell onto the bed like a pair of lost lovers. We continued to sensually caress each other's lips and slowly moving my lips down towards her virgin chalice lips, her shyness melted away to deep breathes of longing for attention. She then pulled herself up from the bed slid onto her knees and began caressing and indulging you know. she continued as I slid down onto the bed, the transition to putting the cover on to slipping in was seamless. lowering ourselves down to our sides locking eyes, to me embracing her from behind. Every rythmic thrusts and deep breathes were enlaced by intermitent kisses longing for the meeting to not end.
Our time together seemed like an eternity, I enjoy sensual and passionate love making and I made sure I controlled my climatic experience during our time. Victoria I felt was a girl who knew what she wanted throughout, and I was humbled that she found paradise many times, and in the moments of her third and final ecstasy she uttered the words '...oh...oh...not!', her heavens opened up and her face lit up like sunshine, while I came like the universe reborn again followed by reverberations throughout my body. We both lied there embracing on the bed kissing the time away.
Our time together felt like days, if not hours. We parted with a furry of kisses in just over an hour.
Like total football, Victoria was my total girlfriend, total GFE, I don't think I would consider anyone other than her. Thank you Victoria, and thank you Chloe for arranging!

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And the hottest Asian Escort Duos right now are .....

And the hottest Asian Escort Duos right now are .....As you know its hard for us often to keep up with the duos with Flat moves,New Photos etc... So the News blog is always the best way to see all the updates happening here at SAE.

Wed May 25 2016, 10:42 am

Elsas hot new photos

Elsas hot new photosElsa lhas hot new photos and needless to say she is creating quite a storm. Advanced booking of at least 2 to 3 hours ahead of time is recommended if you want to see this hot new girl.

Tue May 24 2016, 3:27 pm

SAE Statement

SAE StatementI have been asked by a few forums to post this statement. I will give you a background on this as to some of you especially our regular customers as this probably will not make much sense.

Mon May 23 2016, 1:30 pm

New Elite Malaysian Model in Regents Park

New Elite Malaysian Model in Regents ParkVictoria is a hot new model from Malaysia. She speaks both fluent English and Malaysian and is beautiful slim and sexy

Fri May 20 2016, 10:03 am

Why Customers love SAE

Why Customers love SAE Summer is only a few months away and things are really hotting up here. Its great to see the reviews and feedback coming in from you all on almost a daily basis. We really value these and it helps us to make your experience even better.

Tue May 17 2016, 10:02 am

Elsa is the hottest new GFE Asian Escort in town

Elsa is the hottest new GFE Asian Escort in townElsa is getting great feedback and now her new photos are here guys just cannot get enough of her.

Fri May 13 2016, 12:29 pm

Join the Maxim Fan club

Join the Maxim Fan clubMaxim is a hot new girl and she is already getting a legion of fans. If you want to book this hot girl in Victoria then call us right away.

Tue May 10 2016, 1:19 pm

Charlotte wants to Duo

Charlotte wants to DuoCharlotte is already very popular and is gaining great reviews and experiences all the time.

Mon Apr 25 2016, 1:32 pm

Could Charm be the best Asian in London

Could Charm be the best Asian in LondonCharm. Why is she so popular?

Fri Apr 22 2016, 1:40 pm

Kassia has hot new photos

Kassia has hot new photosKassia is one of the best known Fetish and Domination Asian Escorts in London and she also loves working out at the local gym.

Tue Feb 2 2016, 12:05 pm